Which Entry Doors are Right for Your Business? [infographic]

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Although there are countless high-tech security gadgets on the market today, sometimes the best thing you can do to improve your security is attend to the low-tech aspects, such as your entry doors. These doors need to be able to hold up to constant use, while also remaining solid and strong enough to keep out intruders if necessary. Our team at Coastal Contract Hardware wants to help you do what’s best for your business, so we have put together this article to help you choose which entry doors are right for you.

Which Entry Doors are Right for Your Business?

  • Steel Doors. If you are going for sheer strength and durability, then metal entry doors are probably the way to go. Our team offers high-quality metal doors that will hold up to extensive use, while also maintaining their overall strength.
  • Wood Doors. Our wood entry doors are also highly durable and strong, and they are generally more economical in price, making them a great option for any business. In addition, wood doors offer a lot of options for personalization, which is great news to anyone who wants to keep their business looking great.
  • Aluminum Doors. For those who are looking for a more lightweight option, or one that could easily include windows to admit more light, aluminum entry doors are a great choice. They are especially popular for retail facilities, as they let customers get a peek at the products inside the store and thus help entice people to come in and see for themselves up close.

Which Entry Doors are Right for Your Business? [infographic]