Three Times You Should Use Rekey Services

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Most people think that changing all the locks at their business is the only solution if they lose a key or are concerned about the security of their building and want to ensure that only the people they give a key to can access it. Fortunately, changing the locks is not your only option. There is a much more affordable and practical solution when you lose a key or are concerned about safety: rekey services.

Three Times You Should Use Rekey Services

A rekey service is different than having the locks changed and is usually a much faster and more affordable option. During rekey services, the locksmith replaces the working key of the lock but keeps the same lock in place. The lock is taken apart, and some of the parts, such as the key pins or tumblers, are replaced or rearranged. Here are three times to consider having your locks rekeyed:

  1. You have just let an employee go who had copies of the keys. Most businesses will have to let an employee go at some point. When that happens, it is a good idea to ensure they can no longer access the facilities once their employment has been terminated.
  2. You recently took ownership of a building. If you’re not 100% confident that you know exactly who has a copy of a key to your building, it’s always a good idea to rekey the locks.
  3. You know that at least one set of keys has been misplaced or compromised. We’re only human, and losing a set of keys is bound to happen eventually. You can restore your sense of security quickly and affordably when it does occur by rekeying the locks.

It is important to note that you must have a copy of the previous key to have a rekey service done, and if you do not have a copy available, you will likely have to replace the lock. Rekey services are also not a solution for damaged or worn-out locks, and you should always follow your professional locksmith’s advice when deciding whether to rekey or replace the entire lock.