Should Your Facility Have Buzzer Locks?

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When you have a facility that needs the added security of not allowing visitors free access to come and go, a buzzer lock is a great option. Buzzer locks enable you to remotely unlock the door for a brief period to allow entry. In today’s world, having that extra level of safety and security is important in many situations. There are several types of facilities where buzzer locks are great option; here are just a few examples:

1.   Medical Facility – Hospitals and medical offices are some of the most common places where buzzer locks are used. They allow patients and visitors to come and go without making other patients or secure documents and medical supplies venerable to an intruder.

2.   Bank or Office Building – If you work in an office that shares a building with other businesses, a buzzer lock can help you monitor who is coming and leaving.

Should Your Facility Have Buzzer Locks?

3.   School or Daycare – Keeping children is always a top priority. Buzzer locks can be turned off to allow children to enter at the beginning and exit at the end of the day, then turned back on so that office staff can control who has access to the building.

4.   Warehouse – When you work in a place that is hazardous and/or not open to the public, buzzer locks can keep your facility secure and guests safe.

If you think that buzzer locks are a good option for you, then come to us at Coastal Contract Hardware. We can add buzzer locks to your existing lock mechanism with just a few simple steps. We can help you select the hardware you need and install the system efficiently. Then we’ll make sure you understand how to operate the system so that you feel confident and completely satisfied with your new buzzer locks.