Kickplates: Important for All High-Traffic Doors

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Maintaining the look and function of your business is important in many different ways. Your doors are one of your most important security features, and often one of the most used security features as well. In order to keep your doors working well and looking great for the long-term, you need to have quality doors protected by quality kickplates like those we offer here at Coastal Contract Hardware.

kickplates can be a virtual lifesaver

Especially for doors that have a lot of foot traffic, kickplates can be a virtual lifesaver. Many people use the bottom of the door to attempt to open the door, especially if there is a push bar or if their hands are full. When people repeatedly do this, which is a common occurrence for high-traffic doors, your doors can become weak at the bottom, leaving your door a vulnerability in security. Whether you need kickplates because you want to keep your door looking nice or you need them to keep your door from being physically broken or damaged from repeated foot traffic, our team at Coastal Contract Hardware has a variety of kickplates for you.

Kickplates are often shown in durable stainless steel or brass options, but that doesn’t mean that those are your only kickplate options. In fact, there are all sorts of materials that you can choose kickplates from, many of which are stylish as well as functional. If you would like to see some of the kickplates that we have available for your high-traffic doors, please give us a call today at Coastal Contract Hardware.