How to Choose the Best Door Handles for Your Business

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There are many decisions that need to be made when you are acquiring a new facility for your business. Whether you are making changes to an existing building or you are in the process of a new construction, each decision needs to be made with the ease and security of your business in mind. One detail that is often overlooked but used countless times each day is the door handles of your facility. Choosing the perfect door handles can make each room and building easier to access and more secure. Here at Coastal Contract Hardware, we can help you find the best door handles among our extensive inventory.

How to Choose the Best Door Handles for Your Business

There are several considerations to keep in mind when choosing your door handles:

  1. Ease of opening: How often will people entering have their arms full when trying to enter or exit the building? A crash bar or similar door handles may help solve this problem.
  2. Security: How will you control who can get into the building? If you have a large number of people who need access to the building, you might consider a push button lock door handle or a simple pull feature along with a key card. These electronic options make it easy to make changes for security purposes and can save money and trouble trying to rekey locks.
  3. Style: Convenience and security don’t have to always mean industrial style. You can choose handles in metal finishes and shapes that complement the look of your building and help to create an inviting and updated atmosphere.

Our team at Coastal Contract Hardware has a great deal of experience helping business with all of their hardware needs. We’re eager to assist you in finding the best choices in door handles and other hardware for your facility.