How to Apply Weather Stripping Like the Professionals

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help you apply your weather stripping like a professionalWeather stripping is a great way to add an extra layer of insulation to your property. Furthermore, it can be applied to many different areas including doors, windows, and garages. However, if applied incorrectly, weather stripping can be cumbersome and annoying. If you’re going to apply weather stripping, you want it to be helpful, rather than hopeless, so here are a few tips that can help you apply your weather stripping like a professional.

First, make sure all your hinges are tight. A loose door or window can mess up your weather-stripping application in a big way, and then the poor application snowballs from there. Next, be sure you have chosen the right size and material for your particular area. Different materials work better with different door frames so do some research or consult with a professional. You’ll also want to set aside some extra time for you to complete your task since weather stripping application can be tedious and slow if you’re unexperienced.

After you have your materials, you’ll get to the most important part of the process — measuring. Here is definitely where you should use the old adage of “measure twice, cut once.” Even though weather stripping materials are not terribly inexpensive, cutting the wrong length and driving back to the store costs you more than just a little extra money, but time and patience as well. Carefully measure your space and materials before making any cuts, keeping in mind that measuring cove edges or mitered corners are different than just measuring the length of an item. Finally, nail in your weather stripping and enjoy more insulation!

If this process sounds tedious or frustrating, never fear! Our professionals at Coastal Contract Hardware can have this task professionally completed for you in no time.