How Door Closers Protect Your Business [infographic]

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Here at Coastal Contract Hardware, we know that your business is important to you, and that you naturally want to keep it safe. While it is no doubt beneficial to invest in a security system equipped with cameras and sensors, you should also take advantage of lower-tech security solutions. One such solution can be found in the form of door closers, and in this article, we will go over more about how these devices protect your business.

One such solution can be found in the form of door closers

What Door Closers Do

Door closers, as their name plainly states, are designed to ensure that the door closes behind someone after they have passed through it. This means that even if the person in question does not pull the door all the way shut, the automatic closer will make sure that it shuts firmly behind them.

Why Door Closers Matter

Keeping your business’ doors closed properly is important for a few reasons. First, it ensures that the doors are always firmly shut after the last people have left for the day, and thus prevents intruders from getting inside through a door that was accidentally left ajar. Second, keeping the doors shut also helps slow down the spread of fire through a building–most commercial doors are designed to resist high temperatures, so the flames can’t spread to the next room and do more damage. Door closers will ensure that the fire doors in your business are properly closed in the event of such an emergency, which gives you the additional benefit of peace of mind.