Five Most Common Garage Door Repair Needs for Commercial Buildings

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In a commercial setting, a malfunctioning garage door significantly disrupts daily operations. Understanding the most common types of garage door repairs can help you anticipate issues and take proactive measures. Here are the top five most common ones in commercial buildings.

Five Most Common Garage Door Repair Needs for Commercial Buildings

  1. Broken Springs. The springs are responsible for lifting the garage door and undergo a lot of wear. Broken springs require immediate replacement by a garage door repair professional since operating a garage door with broken springs is dangerous and damages the door
  2. Malfunctioning Openers. Garage door openers have multiple components that can fail, such as motors, gears, and electrical circuits. First, check for simple issues like dead batteries in the remote or power supply problems. If the issue persists, our team can diagnose the problem.
  3. Damaged Rollers. Rollers guide the door along the tracks, and they become damaged due to lack of lubrication or misalignment. We can replace damaged rollers so the door operates smoothly.
  4. Track Misalignment. Heavy use, accidental vehicle bumps, or even temperature fluctuations can cause the tracks to become misaligned. Minor misalignments can sometimes be corrected by loosening the screws, realigning the track, and re-tightening. However, significant misalignments require professional garage door repair.
  5. Worn-out weatherstripping. Weatherstripping seals the gaps around the garage door, keeping out dust, debris, and weather elements. Over time, it can deteriorate. Replacing weatherstripping is generally straightforward. However, for large commercial doors, even this garage door repair should be done by a professional to ensure a proper seal.

Knowing the most common garage door repairs in commercial buildings can help maintain a functional and safe environment. Regular inspections and timely repairs are crucial for minimizing disruptions. Call us to get garage door repairs done safely and effectively if in doubt.