Ever Wonder Why Bathroom Stall Doors Don’t Go All the Way to the Bottom? Read On

There are many people out there who don’t care to use public bathrooms. Even the cleanest of public bathrooms can sometimes give people a moment of pause before using the facilities. A main component of this hesitation is often that bathroom stall doors are not like our facilities at home; there is no door to lock, the door only goes most of the way down, and there are sometimes cracks between the doors and stall sides. All of these features combined can make even the most confident of people feel a little uncomfortable. Have you ever wondered why we haven’t remedied the stall door situation? Why is it that most stall doors don’t go to the bottom of the floor? Read on to find out!

bathroom stall doors are not like our facilities at home

The biggest reason for bathroom stall doors being the height they are is safety. It is not an uncommon scenario for an elderly person to have trouble in an unfamiliar bathroom and end up with an injury. The stall doors enable you to see if someone is on the floor and in need of medical attention. Additionally, that extra height allows for someone to unlock the door from the outside if needed, like when a child accidentally locks themselves in the stall and cannot find their way out.

The other reason for bathroom stall door height is convenience, both for other patrons of the facilities and the maintenance staff. That little space allows you to determine which stalls are open without bothering anyone because you can glance down and look for feet. Additionally, it’s much easier to run a mop or broom through a bathroom with bathroom stall doors at the height they are.

So, now you know — bathroom stall doors are not that height for some obscure reason, but just the reasons of safety and convenience!