Crucial Times for Rekeying

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When it comes to the safety and security of your property, the simplest can often be the first and largest deterrent! That’s right — something as simple as a locked door can be the difference between someone gaining access that you don’t want and a potential burglar raiding through your big-ticket items. Even though many of us know that locking the door is something we need to do, there is something else that you should do on a regular basis that many of us don’t realize: rekeying. Rekeying is simply the process of transforming an existing lock to only accept a new key. There are a few key times (pun intended!) that you should have rekeying performed by a professional on your property.

  • After closing on the sale of the property- While the first thing you want to do in your new property is probably not rekeying the place, it is definitely what you should do! Rekeying keeps your new property safe from the previous owners returning, which can sometimes happen if the property was sold under unfortunate circumstances. Additionally, you don’t know if there were spare keys handed out or to whom.

Rekeying keeps your new property safe

  • When lost keys are reported- If you have someone who has lost their keys, you don’t know who will find them, if they will turn them in, or if they will take advantage of the accessibility. Rekeying the locks will ensure that the lost keys are useless in gaining access to your property.
  • If you have a disgruntled employee- Sometimes, employment opportunities don’t work out for many different reasons. However, if your employee and you part on less than agreeable terms, you should consider rekeying the locks for the safety and security of your business and remaining employees.

Can you think of other reasons why you should rekey? We would love to hear them at Coastal Contract Hardware!