Best Practices for Placement of Parking Signs [infographic]

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Best Practices for Placement of Parking SignsEvery business will benefit from parking signs, even if customer parking seems obvious. While many businesses keep their parking spaces painted for easy identification, there are some good reasons to include parking signs as an added measure. Here are some best practices for adding parking signs to your lot at your commercial business:

  • ADA Regulations – The Americans with Disabilities Act requires most business to have at least one parking sign that designates a space for someone with a disability to be able to access the business. It’s important that accessible parking signs for people with disabilities are in clearly marked areas and offer greater accessibility than other customer parking.
  • Legibility – Another important aspect of using parking signs is that they are legible. Not only should the writing and images on the sign indicate their purpose clearly, but the placement of the sign should also be visible for those driving by. This helps limit confusion about where customers can and should park.
  • Sign Placement – At the core of the issue is that parking signs must be placed in such a way that they are visible. However, there could also be other requirements based on your local ordinances and government rules. For example, if you plan to have a tow-away zone for non-compliant vehicles, you’ll want to place these kinds of parking signs in the proper areas around your business according to any stated regulations.

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Best Practices for Placement of Parking Signs