Are Steel Doors Right for Your Business?

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The doors you choose for your business can have a big impact on the safety, security, and maintenance needs of your building. One of the best and most popular options for commercial facilities that we offer at Coastal Contract Hardware is steel doors.

Are Steel Doors Right for Your Business?


  • Little to no maintenance: While security doors can be wooden or steel, wooden doors may warp, bubble, and need refinishing. They can be very expensive to fix or replace. Steel doors can last thirty years or more with little to no need for maintenance.
  • Safety features: Most steel doors are made to be fire-resistant, often handling very high temperatures for up to twenty minutes.
  • Greater security: Steel doors are very difficult to manipulate or break down, providing optimal security for your facility.
  • Sound reduction: Steel doors are a great option for blocking out sounds from outside or between rooms in your building.
  • East to clean: While you probably don’t think about cleaning commercial doors, if you’ve ever had a glass door, you’ll know it needs to be done often. Steel doors don’t need to be cleaned as frequently as glass and other door options and can be cleaned easily with all-purpose cleaners.


  • Investment price: The initial cost of steel doors is an investment that may come with a higher price ticket than other options, though this will likely pay out in durability.
  • Temperature affected: Steel doors can become very hot when exposed to sun and high temperatures. If this is a problem, you can consider adding an awning or other covering to keep the door in the shade.

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