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When you need to outfit your commercial business with the appropriate doors and commercial door hardware, you’ll quickly find that there are many options to choose from. While each likely has its pros and cons, making the decision on your own can be a challenge if you aren’t well-versed in commercial door lingo. That’s where a commercial door specialist from our team comes in – and we’ll be able to answer these questions to help you select the door equipment you need:

•    What Kind of Door is Best? This sounds obvious, but if the answer were easy, you wouldn’t need a door specialist! The truth is there are hundreds of different types of commercial doors, and you want the one that will be best for your specific requirements. A door specialist can recommend the options that are most practical and affordable for you.

A Door Specialist Can Answer These Questions

•    What Kind of Door Hardware is Best? Many business owners don’t even think about their door hardware as a critical part of door security. In fact, it’s the door hardware that is your first line of defense against intruders and unexpected events, like fire. A door specialist will know when to recommend a different type of door lock or specialty hinges that ensure your commercial doors are functioning like they should.

•    What Are the Best Security Features? Most of the time, you are going to want to know the security features of your commercial doors, so you feel confident your business is adequately equipped for unexpected events. A door specialist can walk you through the various specifications and security features that best fit your needs. For example, a banking facility might want different security features than a retail store. A door specialist will know exactly what to do for your location.

At Coastal Contract Hardware, we’ll be happy to act as your door specialist for your commercial business. Reach out to us today to schedule a consultation.