4 Reasons Why Kickplates are Essential for Commercial Doors

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4 Reasons Why Kickplates are Essential for Commercial DoorsKickplates, sometimes referred to as door plates, are protection panels that are typically mounted at the bottom of commercial doors. They help preserve the door’s visual appeal while preventing damage to the door’s surface. Kickplates have a long history, evolving with decades of advancements in construction materials and architecture.

Here are a few reasons why kickplates are essential for commercial doors:

  1. Protection: Preventing damage from normal wear and tear on the lower part of the door is one of the main purposes of kickplates. Doors in high-traffic areas are vulnerable to dents, scuffs, and scratches from footfall, carts, and other things. To protect the integrity of the door’s surface, kickplates serve as a barrier, absorbing the force of these strikes.
  1. Durability: Kickplates strengthen the door’s structural integrity by including an additional layer of metal or another robust material. Commercial business owners can save money by investing in these reinforcements, which can increase the door’s expected lifespan and reduce the need for maintenance and repair services.
  1. Hygiene: By keeping dirt, debris, and moisture from building up at the foot of the door, kickplates offer a sanitary solution in settings where cleanliness is essential, such as hospitals, labs, or restaurants. This makes cleaning easier, which contributes to a more hygienic atmosphere.
  1. Aesthetics: In addition to their practical uses, kickplates enhance the overall visual appeal of the door and the surrounding area. They are available in a variety of finishes, like brass, aluminum, or stainless steel, to complement the building’s architectural style and interior decor.