3 Ways to Tell a Garage Door Replacement is in Your Future

Garage doors are a necessity for businesses today. Whether you use them for shipping purposes, parking or storage, you use your garage doors daily and often! When you rely on your garage doors to work and work properly as part of your business, it can be very frustrating when one or more of them decide to break down on you. It can be a lot less frustrating, however, if you spot the red flags of a garage door replacement and act accordingly. Some of these red flags for a garage door replacement are obvious, and others are subtler. Check out the following list to determine if a garage door replacement is in your near future.

1. Sounds- Have you noticed a strange creaking sound when your garage door opens or closes? What about a groaning or scraping noise? If these noises are not only continuous but happen consistently whether opening or closing, you might have a garage door replacement in your future.

determine if a garage door replacement is in your near future

2. Slow movements- Is your garage door not as springy and spry as it once was? Does it take a long time for your garage door to open or respond to a remote? Does your door try to respond but can’t quite make it? These are all issues that need addressing.

3. Uneven shutting- One of the biggest red flags of garage door replacement is when your garage door is no longer closing evenly. While tracks and doors can sometimes be adjusted, oftentimes it means that a door is beyond repairing.

If a garage door replacement is in your future, be sure to contact Coastal Contract Hardware for great products and service!