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Increase safety and security of your property with push button locks.

There are many things you need to worry about as a commercial or business property owner and security is definitely an important item on that list. Whether you have sensitive information that needs to be protected or you have valuable assets, security is an important part of any business here in the Garden City, South Carolina area. One of the smallest and yet most important security measures that you can take for your business is to ensure that you have some solid, quality doors and locks. We offer a variety of both here at Coastal Contract Hardware and would love to help you increase security in your business through the use of a simple measure like adding push button locks.

Push Button Locks in Garden City, South Carolina

Push button locks make for a wonderful security addition because they have instant added value. When you run a business with physical keys, there is always the worry that someone will use their keys in an untrustworthy fashion, make copies of their keys, lose them or have other issues. A push button lock, however, can be programmed to eradicate many of these issues. You can have certain codes that are only distributed to certain workers, preventing entry at certain times of the day. Additionally, if someone forgets the code, you can re-program push button locks easily rather than change all the locks, like you would need to do if a physical key were lost.

There are many different types of push button locks available, from simple locks with a few buttons to more complex versions that have a full numerical keypad. Whatever you choose, our team at Coastal Contract Hardware can help you. Contact us today to learn more.

At Coastal Contract Hardware, we offer push button locks to businesses in Myrtle Beach, Surfside Beach, Garden City, North Myrtle Beach, Carolina Forest, Little River, Conway, Murrells Inlet, Pawleys Island, and Horry County, South Carolina.